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Professional music preparation service using Sibelius for feature films, tv, publishers and major theatre houses. Services include copying, arrangement, transposition, transcription, corrections and alterations.
  • Scott has been a music copyist for nearly 20 years. As a music copyist he has worked in most genres. The art of a music copyist requires accuracy. Being accurate is a prerequisite of a music copyist. Scott has worked for many other music copyists. There are strict rules a music copyist adheres to. Being a music copyist requires involves hours of patience. Music copyists are often asked to work at short notice. It doesn’t matter where you live as a music copyist as a music copyist can work from anywhere. Music copyists copy music written by composers or arrangers. Music copyist used to produce music by hand but now a music copyist uses Sibelius or Finale. A music copyist needs to have a good understanding of music harmony and music theory. A music copyist needs to know about many different styles and conventions. Music copyists often have long partnerships with composers or arrangers. Music copyists need to have a clear eye for detail. A music copyist can be referred to as an engraver. Scott learnt the trade of a music copyist at the Royal Opera House London, he then used his music copyists skills at other venues like the RSC. Scott would describe himself as a musician / music copyist / arranger. As a music copyist Scott has often been a resource for other copyists. Another term for a music copyists is a music typesetter. Various people and organisations use a music copyist including music libraries, theatres or production companies. Sometimes several music copyists can be used on a large scale musical. A good music copyist knows how to work to deadlines. As a music copyist you should always proof read your finished material. Some may ask ‘why do I need a music copyist?’, well the answer is anyone can be a music copyist if they own Sibelius or Finale, but a good music copyist has years of experience on what looks good on the stand. You can’t be a good music copyist overnight, it takes dedication and some hard knocks, as musicians are always quick to comment on the clarity of a music copyist’s work. As well as music copying Scott can provide orchestration and arranging services. Music copying rates will vary on the complexity or the arrangement. Music copying services are available for Classical, Rock, Pop, Orchestral, Film and theatre styles. A good music copyist makes sure each part is clear and sight readable. The time a music copyist spends on a score can be reduced if working from midi files etc. Songwriters often require the services of a music copyist to pitch their ideas to publishers. Music publishers often employ music copyists. Music copying used to be done by hand or a music engraver would engrave on to copper plate, but these days most music copying is done by a copyist on a computer. Getting work as a music copyist can be tricky as there are few music copyists’ jobs available. Scott started music copying on the Acorn and then moved on to Sibelius on the PC. Singers often require music copyists to transpose music into a different key. A music copyist is often asked to provide services in transcription and arranging as well as music copying. One of the most respected conductors Scott worked for as a music copyist was Sir Edward Downes. Music copyists can be asked to update and revise scores. Often a music copyist will need to consult closely with the conductor to achieve an excellent result. In thinking as a musician, the music copyist can provide the player with parts that cut down on rehearsal time. A way to impress a client that has employed you as a music copyist is to deliver the score ahead of schedule. Music copyists often need to watch or listen to a performance before making changes. A music copyists may be asked to produce music eBooks from time to time. It is important for a music copyist to network among his contacts to produce a high volume of work; most music copyists are also professional musicians providing a music copying service alongside their other work. A music copyist can gain experience from working with established music copyists.