Revision and updating of scores to realise client’s needs.
Several large-scale works, contracting additional copyists to complete project within time frame.

Extensive discussions with composer to produce very detailed orchestral parts.
Implemented many changes to save time and keep costs down in the recording process that followed.

  • Library music By Christopher Walker
  Chicago (Film) - Roxie’s Nowadays by John Kander.
Worked to existing methods to produce parts at very short notice.

Carried out changes and revisions to the conductor’s brief and delivered the product ahead of schedule

  50+ arrangements for a 7 piece band for the first series of Don't Forget The Lyrics' (Sky One)

Alterations to existing scores. Liased with music department and musicians.
Watched the show and re-copied with the inclusion of dictation of additional recorded materials, implemented changes to realise finished product.


Nathan Timothy
Pop songs - Full band transcription arranging and copying (30 songs).
2 musicals – midi file conversion / transcription and copying.

A Twist of Fate
Musical Singapore premiere - Music by Dick Lee - copying

Andy Mayo
Religious rock - transcription, arranging and copying (20 songs)

Take 5

Function band - 30 arrangements

One Foot in the Groove
Disco covers - transcription, arranging and copying

Paul Seaman
Jazz sax quartet - copying (for Lunar sax quartet)

Sky TV
(Jason and the Argonaughts) by Christopher Walker
Large film score, complex arrangements needing detailed work
and close consultation with the composer

Commitments show
Dictation and arrangement of stage show to produce complete
set of parts to client’s requirements


Two camels music
Transcription and copying – full time for 4 months

Matt Miles
Large scale symphonic wind band - copying

Steeley Dan
Tribute show - transcription, arrangement and copying

Motown show
‘Reach Out’ - copying of brass parts

Matt O’Regan
Big band scores - copying

Commitments show
Soul covers - full band transcription, arranging and copying

Andy Atkins
Gloria - Wind band with rock band and choir - copying

Antonio Pappano
Mass - vocal and organ copying

‘Too Young for Goodbyes’ - piano and vocal reduction / copying