Existing publications can easily be made into interactive PDFs (or eBooks) with the following features:
  • Embedded audio or video
  • Document navigation
  • Use of Colour
Why produce an eBook?
  • Another revenue stream
  • No distribution costs
  • No (or small) retailer discount
  • No printing or CD duplication costs
  • Higher margin
  • Faster route to market for new titles
Is it secure?
  • Printing can be disabled
  • Files are generally too large to email to others
  • Additional security can be added (from third party) to limit the number of times a PDF can be printed
You will require Acrobat
Reader 6 or higher to view
this interactive PDF.
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QuickTime player
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Cinderella Too Young For Goodbyes Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now Roxie's Nowadays Sky One - Battle